10 Questions to ask an Insolvency Advisor: Advice for Individuals

So, you’re faced with a confusing range of hundreds of websites offering varying solutions backed by unbelievably good testimonials!

How do you begin to work out what’s fact and what’s fiction?

Here are 10 key questions to ask a potential advisor that will help you narrow the field and get down to the hard facts quickly.

Use these questions to compare providers and make the right decision.

(By the way you may notice there are actually 12 questions, but here at Insolvency.com we’re so enthusiastic we couldn’t contain ourselves and over ran a little!)

So, here we go!

  1. What qualifications do you hold to advise me?
  2. Does your company have Professional Indemnity Insurance in place to cover the advice that you give me? (this insurance protects you in the event of poor advice)
  3. Are you sufficiently independent to advise me of all of my options, including ones where you won’t make any money from?
  4. Does your firm have a long standing reputation, and how long has your firm been in practice?
  5. What upfront fees will you charge me and how am I to pay these?
  6. Will your company provide the recommended solution to me, if not who will?
  7. What will you earn if you pass me on to a third party?
  8. Will the levels of fees you earn be the only reason why you may choose to pass me to a particular third party provider?
  9. Will you come and meet me to discuss my circumstances?
  10. What cost will you charge for different solutions, can I please see a schedule of charges?
  11. Will your firm seek to gain publicity from working with me; will you write a testimonial and push me to agree to put my name to it?
  12. Are our conversations and meetings private?

Don’t forget Insolvency.com is run by a long established firm of Licensed Insolvency Practitioners.

So, if you want top advice straight from the horse’s mouth just get in touch.

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