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Turnaround Review

Changing circumstances will sometimes lead to a desire to review the position of your business.  This is when a Turnaround Review will prove useful.

What is a Turnaround Review?

We have worked with many different industries over a 30 year period.  Yes we do have industries that we would claim to be specialist in but our real specialisation is in understanding the varying and unique operation of owner managed businesses.

Turnaround Review provides the benefit of open discussion open discussions and detailed analysis of your unique business.

Turnaround Reviews start from £5,000.

Will a Turnaround Review Lead to Corporate Restructuring?

Corporate Restructuring is a wide ranging that can equally apply to a few staff changes as to revising strategies and goals.

On this broad definition then yes, some form of corporate restructuring is likely to be required.   Whether this constitutes Corporate Recovery will really depend on the time pressure on the business to resolve any issues

Corporate Recovery more often refers to a business facing Cash Flow Problems.

Corporate Recovery V’s Corporate Restructuring

As discussed above they’re both similar in definition, with the main difference being the starting point of the company.  The extent of Cash Flow Problems will determine the level of Corporate Recovery or Corporate Restructuring that is required for any one business.

Cash Flow Problems


Cash flow problems will often cloud the picture for the root cause of business financial issues.  Every business decision taken will impact on cash flow.  Purchase decisions, finance types used and credit control strategy are amongst the many matters the affect cash flow.

Understanding the factors that drive the cash flow position of the business will help to underline the action required to ease the cash flow problems.

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