Business Recovery

Business Rescue and Business Recovery

If your business is facing financial distress or insolvency, may be able to help rescue it if action before it’s too late.

Business Rescue and Business Recovery are terms used to describe the process where the performance of a business is improved and most importantly the cash flow position of the business returned to a positive position.

The scale of financial challenges faced by a business will often determine the rate and scope of steps needed.

Business Rescue

Business Rescue is most often used to describe the most challenging of positions.  Rescue suggests an emergency; such a Business Rescue situation is usually identified by severe cash flow problems whether immediate or expected shortly.

This may be highlighted by creditor action such as the arrival of a bailiff at the company premises or from internal problems such as the inability to pay upcoming wages.

Business Recovery

Business Recovery is the slower less dramatic brother to Business Rescue.

Business Recovery allows more time for planning than Business Rescue.  Business Recovery also features less imminent cash flow pressures than Business Rescue.

What Does Mean by Business Rescue?

Business Rescue is often driven by immediate cash flow pressures.  Without the resolution of these pressures no time will exist to be able to plan and implement the way forwards.

Identification of the key cash flow pressures will allow options to be considered and decisions made to buy crucial time to plan.

At we want to work together with your business to find resolution to your issues.

Every solution starts with an understanding of the problem.  So the first stage is always a face to face meeting to begin to understand the position and options.

What Does Mean by Business Recovery?

Less time pressure will exist in a Business Recovery situation.

The need to spot the first pressure point is crucial, when does cash flow become unsustainable?

Plans must then be put in place to target the key pressure points and work around them.

Most importantly at our job is to understand both symptoms and causes.

We will never know your business better than you but by listening and understanding we can bring value in our experience and skills.

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