Insolvency has its statutory definition however in practical terms insolvency means that you or your business is not paying those you owe money to when it’s due for payment.

It is clear that there is a commercial difference between not paying by choice when you could pay and not paying because you can’t pay.

Purposeful non-payment may lead to court and other costs falling against you but you know that you can pay when you have to.

Not paying because you can’t is when problems start.

The developed nature of our economy means that many options exist for finding a solution to you or your businesses problems.

At financial challenges are what we deal with every day.  We’re backed by the long standing, independent firm of regulated Licensed Insolvency Practitioners.

At our advice is given for free and our goal is to explain all the options available to you or your business without bias or leaning.  You will ultimately be free to choose the best option for you.

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