Start Afresh are more than aware that businesses operating through limited company’s may need to closed down in an insolvent position when the level of creditors (those it owes money to) are greater than the value of company assets.

Businesses may well have been trading in a position where the principal assets of the company are intellectual or intangible (i.e. they don’t physically exist). This often means that the realisable value of these assets may be nil of very low.

At we are experienced in dealing with companies with nil or low value assets which means that the company may not be able to fund its own voluntary liquidation.

Directors often prefer to see their company closed down using a voluntary liquidation process rather than waiting for a creditor to compulsorily liquidate their company.

Our Start Afresh solution exists to assist Directors of such companies to be offered a low, fully inclusive price for a creditor’s voluntary liquidation.

Our Start Afresh service starts from as little as £2,500 fully inclusive, i.e. everything is included, including VAT, disbursements (external costs) and everything else. can also explain the rules and regulations regarding the restart of a new business or company as part of the pre-appointment explanation of the voluntary liquidation process.

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